What is the best survival knife set to have?

With so many options in the market, it is hard to put one down as the best survival knife set. However, it becomes more manageable when we limit the options based on a set criteria. Here are some considerations survival experts suggests to consider when choosing a good survival knife set.


The knife’s tang is the part of the blade that extends down int the handle. Ideally, we pick survival knives that have full tang, as this means that the blade and handle are constructed out of one piece of solid steel, thus making the knife a stronger and more resistant to the kind of abuse it will most likely get during a survival situation.


It can be rubber, plastic, wood or polymer. Another option that is more becoming popular is wrapping the handle in paracord. Now, there is no best handle rule; it all depends on personal preference. But generally, avoid hollow handles where survival kits can be stored. If you lose the knife, you’d also lose whatever survival items you’ve placed in them.

Blade Material

There are basically only two choices:
Stainless steel – virtually indestructible; will take a long time to rust; but loses edge much, much quicker
Carbon steel – holds edge much longer than stainless steel, but will corrode faster in the elements.

Blade Design

Other things to consider in the blade category is the blade’s design (serrated or fine edged or both), length (generally between 6 to 12 inches), and thickness. It’s all a matter of personal preference at this point.


One important but often overlooked element is the sheath. There are three choices: leather, ballistic nylon or kydex. Whatever sheath you choose, make sure that the sheath will hold your survival knife securely in place, be it attached to your belt, your leg or your survival pack.

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